Xposed Installer V3.1.5 Apk [Latest] Version Download for Android

Xposed Installer V3.1.5 Apk [Latest] Version Download for Android

by TimFletcher

Xposed Installer is a revolutionary development in the alluring world of Android applications. Gone are those days when extensive customization of your phone meant ‘flashing modifications or ROM’. Android users always wanted a platform to install, experience and personalize the trend setting features in their devices; without compromising on the stability and viability of the bare Android OS. Resultantly, a launch of Xposed Installer apk proved to be a boon for them.

An Xposed Installer installs xposed framework in user’s device. The framework acts as a platform which lets users install small modules in his Android device, to modify and customize its display and functionality.

By installing xposed in your rooted android device, new features can be installed and existing features can be enhanced in the individual applications of your phone.

Xposed Installer

App Name: Xposed Installer

Version: V3.1.5

Developer: rovo89

Supported Version: Android 4.0.3+

Last Updated: January 01, 2018

Xposed Installer Download

Disclaimer: This website is owned and operated by a group of Individuals. We’re not associated with the developer of the app i.e. rovo89. All information provided here is general information. All credit goes to the developer of this app. 

To download Xposed Installer for Android versions like kitkat , marshmallow, oreo, lollipop etc, different steps are to be followed respectively. Recently, xposed framework for android nougat has been doing rounds.

Application Xposed Installer
App Size 2.96 MB
Total Downloads 4,980,151
Supported Version Android 4.0.3+
App Developer rovo89
Last Updated January 01, 2018

Before installation of xposed framework, it is to be ensured that your device is fully backed up. In case your device runs the Android 4.03 to 4.4 version, it becomes obligatory to root your device before the download of Xposed installer.

Feature of Xposed Installer

Download of Xposed Installer is evidently accompanied by the installation of some of the most proficient modules. These modules claim to astonish you with some of the most incredible features and functionalities for your android devices. Some of the most amazing features of the Xposed framework application include:

  • Auto-Saving of Snapchat Pictures and Videos: ‘Snapprefs’ module of xposed allows you to save the received snapchat pictures and videos automatically. In addition, it provides various tools and features like weather, speed update or bokeh effects to edit a snap before forwarding. Most importantly, it lets you take a screenshot of snaps and stories without alerting the person on the other side.
  • Gravity Box-Master of All Trades: Gravity box possesses all the Android tweaks. These tweaks have the audacity to completely change your phone’s display and features. A Gravity Box can display a real-time traffic indicator in your status bar, enable the volume keys of your phone to skip a song while it is being played, enable a screen recorder and so forth.
  • Boot Manager Enhances the Phone’s Battery Life: When your phone restarts and it frustrates you with the automatic initiation of some of the patent apps, then do not panic; since the boot manager module of xposed installer comes to your rescue. Every time when your phone is switched on, it restricts the automatic launching of certain apps. This tremendously improves the battery life of your device.
  • It lets You Customize the WhatsApp Application: What could be greater than a module of Xposed framework which lets you highlight your WhatsApp chats, set chat reminders individually for each contact, and customize the wallpaper for each contact. This feature of xposed installation surely drools worthy.
  • The Never Sleep Option for Specific Apps: The never sleep module of the xposed framework zip, puts some specific applications from your phone to a no sleep zone. In other words, instead of putting your entire phone system to sleep, you now own the option to put some particular apps in the no- sleep mode.

Xposed Installer Review

Xposed installer proves to be a reincarnation to android phone users who prefer to experience a better version of their devices. Be it any android version of your phone, listing from marshmallow, kitkat, oreo, to lollipop or nougat; an Xposed framework works on all. From adjusting your camera sensor to zooming the Instagram images and from pinning your phone’s notification to featuring pokemon go; Xposed Installer is no less than a magic wand.

As nothing in the world comes without its cost, an xposed installer application too has innumerous cons alongside. Being the most robust application, an Xposed Installer Apk file has the seldom tendency to disable your Android operating system or you are forced to reform your operating system. All in all, an xposed framework is the best android application to look forward to; provided that reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent your OS from rupture.

Final Words

There is no denying the fact that an Xposed installer is the most powerful android tool which is trending currently. In this article, we have acquainted you with the Xposed Installer application for Android. It is the best app for android users who prefer to maintain the reliable and vanilla version of their Android OS and does not want to indulge in the root flashing of custom recovery.

We have also guided you with the latest versions download of Xposed Installer for different android updates. To sum up, an xposed framework is the most efficient application for Android users who facilitate to bring a new life to their phone’s features and functionalities. But on the negative side of it, xposed framework can sometimes format your phone’s OS.

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